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Allergy ID Tag, Belt Accessory

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Allergy ID Tag to be worn on your belt. 

Place this ID tag on your belt to help prevent exposure.  ID tag also includes a place for your contact information.  Great if a teacher or caretaker has a question or if your child comes into contact with an allergen.


  • 100% Silicone and Latex Free
  • 8cm X 4cm
  • Comes with 2 printed cards.  Available in tree nut allergy, peanut allergy, dairy allergy, shellfish allergy, or blank. Simply write your kiddo's food allergy and your contact information on the provided cards.
  • Includes clear transparent plastic card in front for proctection.  The card and plastic piece can be easily removed and inserted by peeling back the silicone window.
  • To be worn on your Epi Pouch belt strap or EpiBelt.