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Nut Free Slap Wrap

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We just keep bringing the 80's back. Introducing the NUT FREE warning slap wrap bracelet for your child with a nut allergy. Need a reminder of what a slap wrap bracelet is......

The infamous Wiki tells us all about it: A slap bracelet (or snap bracelet) is a bracelet consisting of layered, flexible stainless steel bistable spring bands sealed within a cover. The bracelet can be straightened out, creating tension within the springy metal bands. The straightened bracelet is then slapped against the wearer's forearm, causing the bands to spring back into a curve that wraps around the wrist, securing the bracelet to the wearer.


  • "Nut Free" Slap Wrap Bracelet
  • ~100% silicone, latex free & waterproof
  • ~One Size. Fits all wrist size (2.2cm x 24cm)