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Allermates Multi Charm Bracelet Kit-Asthma Charm

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AllerMates Multi-Charm Package: Adjustable Multi Wristband plus Six Allergy Charms:

AllerMates bring customizable "charm" to our new multi-allergy wristband! This package set include one adjustable wristband along with 6 of the most the common allergen charms: PEANUT, NUT, DAIRY, EGG, WHEAT & ASTHMA. Charms can be added by pushing the flexible back through any hole in the band. Bits are secure and comfortable in place, but can be removed or moved if your child outgrows an allergy or if you later discover another allergy need. AllerMates charms are great for other uses too, and will fit in popular shoes and accessories. Additional charms are available. 

-Band has three snaps and is adjustable. Sizes are S 5 3/4", M 6 1/4", L 6 3/4" 
-BPA, phthalates, lead, nickel and latex free.