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Product Reviews During Coronavirus Quarantine

Product Reviews During Coronavirus Quarantine

Posted by Theresa Marie Green on 1st Apr 2020

How are you guys handling the Coronavirus?

I’ve been committed to my 9am workout via FaceTime to get me out of bed and to keep a routine going.  A routine is important during these crazy times.I’m also trying to get back into a running routine.It’s been a while.  Between my love of Crossfit, running my own business, Allergy Apparel, and my breast cancer journey, my running routine faded.  EXCUSES! I’ve been able to maintain Crossfit, which means I have time for running.  A friend challenged me to a start with a 10k per week.Challenge accepted. This running challenge will also give me the opportunity to test and share my product reviews and thoughts.

Last week, as I was heading out for a run, I chose the Zipless Belt to be my first product to test.

I added the Zipless Belt to last year, when it was first released on the market. The main attraction of this product was the elimination of the zipper.  I’m a person always trying to be in the moment but in reality, I’m racing from one thing to the next. The idea of bypassing a zipper was appealing to me. In addition, it looked comfortable. When the product arrived, I loved the feel of the fabric.And was pleasantly surprised by the nice feel of the water resistant fabric.  And that fabric came in handy when splashing through the creeks, while mountain biking. 

❓Do you find that your food allergy kiddo is more sensitive to the feel of things?

While I love the idea of no zipper, it could also be a concern.  Without a zipper, what keeps your Epipens, Auvi-Q injectors, phone or inhaler from falling out?  Rather than a zipper, there is a flap to secure your items.

In addition, the interior pocket is handy for keeping my ID, medical ID card and credit card.

As I mentioned earlier, I also took this belt for a mountain bike ride. Like most athletic waist belts, it works best if you wear it snugly around your hips.  My cycling shorts are a slick shiny material and I noticed some movement.  Once I tightened the belt and properly placed it, I forgot that it was even there.

I give this Zipless Belt 2 thumbs up!

Have a question?  Comment?  Concern?  Or is there a product that you would like me to test?