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No Belt, Band or Bounce!  From the Beach to the Ballpark. Learn more how these magnetic travel pouches are replacing fanny packs!

The revolutionary Buddy™ is a lightweight, belt-free pouch with a water-resistant inner pocket.  Made with dri-fit material, the Buddy keeps all your essentials including inhalers, EpiPen® and other auto-injectors, sweat-free and dry. Strong, therapeutic magnets keep the Buddy in one place, no matter how intense you're activity!  Measures 7" (L) x 4" (H) 

"As soon on Lori Grenier's QVC show"

  • Large enough to carry 2 EpiPen® or other auto-injectors 

1. Insert the back flap of the Buddy Pouch into your waist band.
2. Align front flap with the back flap.
3. Press magnets together to lock in place!