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Epipen Skin-Monsters

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Do you carry your epinephrine pen in your purse? Or do you have a reluctant carrier?  Why not customize your epinephrine pen?  Wrap your epinephrine case in art!  Express your individual style with protective art prints that go anywhere. 

Skins are low-profile, laminated vinyl decals designed to decorate auto injectors. Made from a patented 3M material the adhesive is re-positionable, and will not leave any residue upon removal. Air channels in the material aid in applying skins to any device by allowing air bubbles to smooth out easily.

Why a skin?  Stephanie, the designer and food allergy mom, tells us why.  "The intent of the skins are to make the Auvi-Q™ 'and or epinephrine pens' more appealing so people are happy about carrying it.  Why not since it's something people need to carry every day.  I want people to LOVE their Auvi-Q™ and/or epinephrine pen because one day it might save their lives."

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