Medicine Carrying Case-Laugh Out Loud Lilac

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Designed to carry allergy medicines including 2 EpiPens® or other auto injectors like Auvi-Q & other medicines, this case makes carrying and sharing children’s emergency medicines easy for all.  

  • Insulated.
  • Comes with travel size, tamper proof and child proof bottle to contain liquid medicines like Benadryl. 
  • Additional pockets allow for other medicines like an asthma inhaler, nasal spray, pills, a small vial containing Benadryl or even an ice pack. 
  • Contains a bi-fold emergency contact and medical info card and info on allergic emergencies and how to use an epinephrine auto injector. 
  • Conveniently measures 8"H X 3"W X 1 3/4"D.
  • Comes with belt and velcro straps. 

Allergy Apparel™ is not liable for misuse of the medication used.  Information on EpiPen® Storage

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One year warranty