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Festive food allergy cupcake flags that are bringing the life back into parties!

Through clever use of both words and colors to denote each allergen, these food allergy flags allow adults and children to easily identify safe foods amongst a party buffet. Kids with allergies can enjoy full participation in a much loved celebratory pastime; eating delicious party food! With the incidence of childhood allergies on the rise, the demand for improved food labeling is ever increasing, even in the domestic setting. These products are becoming a must-have item for party supplies stores as parents take a more allergy-aware approach to their catering and party planning.

These groovy baking cups and food flags are ideal for party hosts, parents of young allergy sufferers, gluten free bakeries and caterers. Each color alerts guests to food that is nut free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegan, and so on. In total there are 7 different alerts.

Package of 25 NO EGGS HERE baking cups.

Matching NO EGGS HERE cupcake flags available.