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SALE-Zoe, No Nuts! Hoody

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Who said skulls are just for boys? Not this girl!

Is your pixie allergic to nuts? Help keep them safe by reminding your daughter's caretaker that she is allergic to nuts with this super cute tee. 

Dr Mary Md writes, "These t-shirts could be life-saving for a person attending camp or daycare with strangers.  There's no way you can miss the message being delivered and unintentionally harm the child by offering a food that they can not tolerate. I'm telling you, these little guys on her site are so adorable. And the crystal-clear message the caretaker needs to hear is right in front of their face."

Why skulls and crossbones?  Other than the cool factor, a skull and crossbone is the universal sign for poison.  Our skulls and crossbones are whymsical, trendy, but also eye-catching and they are reminder that some foods are poison to a child.

Our clothes are cut for a youthful shape. Most of our garments are 100% cotton and fit snug to flatter almost any body type. If you're not sure what size to get or if you're in-between sizes, please order the next size larger.

*Mishaps happen.  While these shirts are super cute and convey an important message, the printing does not meet Allergy Apparel™ standard of excellence.