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Sports Auto-Injector Holder

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Discreet, comfortable and easy to wear.  The ActiveAide Sports Holder is designed to hold 2 Epipen, Anapen or similar injectors but also fits other first aid medications, including some diabetic supplies.  Holds first aid medications while leaving your hands free.  Simply insert your auto-injectors or other medication and strap the Sports Holder to your leg or arm.  
The Activeaide Auto-Injector Sports Pouch can be worn comfortably on your leg or arm all day long.  Made out of soft breathable neoprene material that contours for a comfortable fit.
Holds up to two Epinephrine auto injectors such as EpiPen®, AnaPen. Twinject, Adrenaclick, Impax, Symjepi, Teva, Auvi-Q or other similar size medications, including insulin. 
ONE SIZE FITS CHILDREN - ADULTS.  Simply measure and cut velcro straps to size.  

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