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Stripes Epi Case

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This pouch was specifically designed for EpiPens® (or other brand epinephrine auto-injectors), Anapens®, and other medical devices for you or your little one. The pouch features a stylish black and white stripe pattern - great for grownups as well as children!

The pouch comes with a carabiner and a medical ID card - choose from the "Dr. Piggy" or "red cross" version. You can also purchase an adjustable shoulder strap, $14.00.

The pouch is packed with useful features:

(1) At 7.75" wide x 5" high (20cm x 12.7cm), the pouch is large enough for TWO EpiPens® (or other brand epinephrine auto-injectors), a small bottle of antihistamine, and the medical ID card (included).

(2) Waterproof and stain resistant. The stripe fabric is a sturdy, a high-quality oilcloth imported from Japan. The lining is waterproof ripstop nylon. The pouch won't easily get dirty, even when sitting at the bottom of a school bag for a long time! If it does, just wipe it off with a soapy damp cloth to clean.

(3) There is a layer of padding inside the pouch for extra protection of your medical devices.

(4) The pouch comes with a large, easy-to-read medical ID card. (You can choose between an adorable "Dr. Piggy" version with a space for a photo ID, or a more grownup "Red Cross" version. This card was custom designed for by a medical doctor / designer, and is printed on a high-quality card stock. Carry it inside the pouch at all times along with any action plan.

(5) The pouch has two D-ring tabs, one on each side, and one carabiner clip. You can use the carabiner to secure the pouch to a school bag or your handbag, so you know it's always there.

(6) The optional adjustable shoulder strap is great for when your little one needs to wear the EpiPens® (or other brand epinephrine auto-injectors). The strap is removable, so when not using the strap, you can store it inside the pouch. The strap length is adjustable from about 22" (56cm) to 38" (96cm). It is long enough to carry cross-bodied for most primary school children, and the adjustability means the pouch can be used for many years to come.

(7) There is a Red Cross tag securely sewn to a side seam with words "MEDICATION INSIDE" on it, so it's easy for anyone to find the epinephrine in an emergency.

(8) While these are not designed to work with Cool Koozie Insulated Inserts,  they will allow you to carry 2 injectors with a 4x8 Cool Koozie Insulated Insert. Sold separately! 

Care: Gently wipe the pouch with soapy damp cloth to clean. Do not machine wash.

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