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Summer, Kids and Epipens

Summer, Kids and Epipens

Posted by Theresa Marie Green on 31st Jul 2019

It's hard to believe that we are in our last few weeks of summer. Are you trying to squeeze in trips to the beach or pool?  We are cramming in all the beach time possible before school starts.   How are you handling your Epipens® and/or  Auvi-Q injectors?  Have you talked to your pediatrician, pharmacist or allergist on carrying your Epipens on hot summer days?  

Allergy Apparel® offers several solutions to carrying your Epipens®.  The only carrier that has been tested and proven to maintain a safe temperature is the FRIO Insulated Wallet. These carriers do NOT require any refrigeration.  Simply soak the insert as instructed and they will keep your medications safe for 2 days.  Re-soak and repeat.  We offer them in sizes for your Epipens® and Auvi-Q injectors.  

Looking for something a little more simple?  We offer a wide selection of insulated carriers that use technology similar to a cooler/lunch box.  While I love that I can find the bright orange Medpac or MyMedibag in my kiddo's backpack or my purse, I also love the simplicity of our black Carry-All carriers.  In addition, the Carry All offers you the option to wear it with the provided belt, wear it on your own belt or use the included carabiner.   We recently introduced a belt, Insulated Epibelt, similar to the Spibelt but with insulation.  We use a 3M insulation to help maintain temperature.  And it's on promotion right now.... Woot. Give it a try at $19.99 and let us know what you think!   Having a sassy day and want something a little more colorful and fun?  Flowers, chevron, whales, anchors, race cars.  We have those too!

Now that we have covered the fact that Allergy Apparel offers a wide selection of insulated carriers; How are you handling the waterpark?  We have items starting at $6.00 for your Auvi-Q injectors and $8.95 fo your Epipens®.   And for another $3.95, add an insulated insert.  These are easy to throw around your neck or across your shoulder.  Going canoeing and want something to wear around your waist?  Give the SubSak a try! It is available in an assortment of colors and includes 2 LokSaks, which have been certified waterproof up to 200ft. 

Have a question about one of these carriers?  Just give us a shout out! We are available via email, online chat or direct text.