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Cool Koozie Insulated Insert, 3x8

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Insulated Cool Koozie Insert! Designed with an open ended pocket, fits neatly into our "Single epi Med Pouch." This is a great option for those who prefer to add a layer of insulation to epinephrine auto-injectors, helping to protect it from temperatures.  

  • 3x8 Designed to fit 1 EpiPen® or similar injector. (measures approximately 2-3" wide)

Fabric is made of a special blend of polyester batting, needle punched with 6% metallized film which reflects energy (hot or cold) back to the source.

Works with the following carriers:

Washable | Includes Cool Koozie Insulated Insert Only  | Size is approximate

Original design and is Legally Patented with the USPTO

Use at your own discretion.  Allergy Apparel™ is not liable for misuse of the medication used.  EpiPen® is a registered trademark of Mylan Inc.  Mylan Inc. does not sponsor or endorse the products referenced or sold on these web pages.